RealtyClub combines real estate investment opportunities, expertise and resources into one platform

Real Estate Expertise

More than a decade of knowledge and experience in real estate investing, ready to serve your particular needs.

Intuitive Service

Built for ease-of-use, allowing you to easily provide solutions for your clients' real estate investments.

Education and Resources

On demand tools and a vast resource library aimed to give you what you need when you need it to better service your clients.

What We Do

Despite the incredible purchasing power, financial professionals and their clients have yet to take full advantage of the real estate market and its potential portfolio benefits.

RealtyClub was formed to remove barriers, enable smooth transactions, and empower financial professionals to fully unlock the world of real estate investing. Whether you are looking to help clients with existing real estate investments or access new investments, RealtyClub was built to support all of your real estate needs.

who we are

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RealtyClub is created and maintained by Platform Ventures. Platform Ventures is a real estate investment and technology company that invests in real estate assets, real estate operating companies, and real estate technologies. We have been working with financial professionals and their clients for close to a decade and understand the challenges financial professionals face when accessing real estate investments for their clients.

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