What We Offer

The RealtyClub Advantage

Built and supported by Platform Ventures, RealtyClub uses technology aimed to help advisors expand their business and client relationships. Whether our resources are used for existing investments or used to evaluate new opportunities, RealtyClub combines high-quality real estate investments with on-demand tools designed to allow financial professionals to play a more active role in their clients’ real estate portfolio.

The 1031 Platform Advantages

Typical Services 1031 Platform

Identify replacement properties

Connect the property owner with a Qualified Intermediary

Provide assistance in underwriting properties

Manage acquisition due diligence

Provide financing quotes and coordinate closing

Quarterly reporting

Annual tax reporting

Day-to-day management services including lease negotiations, property management oversight and budget preparation

Please note, the above comparison of the services provided by 1031 Platform to other services reflect the internal views of how we believe the 1031 Platform services compare to what we view as the typical list of 1031 services commonly provided in the market at this time. Said chart is an internal evaluation of services provided for informational and illustrative purposes only and may not be reflective of the entire 1031 market.

If you or a client is considering a 1031 Exchange,
try our calculator to estimate the potential benefits for your specific property.