Fequently Asked Questions

  • Historically positive returns with relatively low volatility
  • Income generation
  • Diversification, as historically there has been a low correlation with other asset classes
  • Inflation hedge
  • It is a significant asset class within the financial ecosystem
  • Tax efficiency

RealtyClub's mission is to be the premier commercial real estate investment platform and technology solution for financial professionals and their clients.

No, RealtyClub is a commercial real estate technology platform created by Platform Ventures. The RealtyClub platform aims to connect financial professionals with tools, technology, and education to better serve their client's commercial real estate needs.

All communication between our users and the RealtyClub website is encrypted and secured using HTTPS and SSL/TLS. All sensitive and personal information is encrypted and stored using the AES-256 standard used by banks to secure data. RealtyClub data is hosted at a data center with SOC 2 and PCI DSS Level 1 compliance certifications.

RealtyClub uses technology aiming to help advisors expand their services and enhance their client relationships. Whether our resources are used for existing investments or used to evaluate new opportunities, RealtyClub aims to combine high-quality commercial real estate investments with on-demand tools and resources.

Other benefits may include:

  • Access to high-quality investment opportunities that we believe have not been historically easy to access
  • Trusted sponsors and what we view as reasonable services fees
  • Support by Platform Ventures, a real estate investment and technology company that, through its investment advisory subsidiaries, invests in real estate assets, real estate operating companies, and real estate technologies